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Default Servicing

Obtaining And Protecting Properties In Default

Enforcing your security interests in real property when the debtor has gone into default — default servicing — can be a difficult matter, especially with ongoing changes in the law.

At the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh, we provide skilled default servicing legal representation to banks and other lenders with regard to properties in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. Contact us for a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

Offering Comprehensive Services To Mortgage Lenders

Our default servicing practice is focused on representing lenders through the process of obtaining and protecting real property in default. The following are among the services we provide to lenders, based on our extensive experience in the local market:

  • Foreclosure services: We can guide lenders through the mortgage foreclosure process and help them respond effectively to any challenges that may arise, including bankruptcy filings, liens on the property, problems with title to the property and debtor litigation.
  • Post-foreclosure evictions: Once a property has been foreclosed on, the eviction of former owners, tenants and others can be a complex process. Our attorneys are familiar with the process, including the implications of new state and federal legislation.
  • Lenders’ litigation counsel: Sometimes, enforcing your rights through foreclosure can expose you to potentially expensive litigation on the part of borrowers or tenants. Our experienced lawyers can help respond.
  • Real estate owned (REO): Banks and lenders are not generally involved in the property management business, but when loans go into default and lenders recover properties through foreclosure sales, those properties must be managed before they can be resold.

With our extensive experience in the areas of both collections and real estate law, we are able to provide comprehensive legal services to lenders in need of default servicing counsel. To discuss how we can help you effectively protect your investments, contact us today.