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Local Counsel / Pro Hac Vice

Providing Local Legal Representation in Nevada

If you are involved in litigation or any other legal matter in Nevada, it is important to build a relationship with a lawyer who can counsel you and your attorneys on any Nevada-specific issues that may arise.

At the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh, we provide local counsel services to clients and their attorneys throughout the United States and internationally. We have extensive experience in the Las Vegas and other Nevada Courts, which include Washoe County, Reno and Lake Tahoe, and a flexible approach to providing quality services to out-of-state clients. Contact us today.

Associating With and Pursuing Admittance of Out-of-State Attorneys

If you are located in another state and your attorneys are not licensed to practice law in Nevada, they will need to associate with a Nevada law firm before they can be admitted to represent you in the Nevada courts on a pro hac vice (temporary) basis.

Our attorneys regularly serve as local counsel for out-of-state clients. We are highly familiar with the rules and procedures for associating with out-of-state attorneys in both state and federal court.

We are adept at working with other firms under a variety of arrangements, from collaborating on all aspects of a case to restricting our role to consultation on Nevada civil procedure. We provide local counsel services in our core practice areas as well as many other areas.

Meeting Nevada Legal Needs for Clients Worldwide

If you do not already have a representation arrangement with a lawyer or law firm in your state, we can work directly with you to handle your legal matters in Nevada, particularly with regard to domestication of foreign judgments and other creditors’ rights, litigation and real estate issues.

Whatever local counsel services you may need in Nevada, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss what our firm can do to meet your needs in an effective and efficient manner.