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Practice Areas

Protecting And Enforcing Creditors’ Rights

At the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh, we provide professional, aggressive representation to creditors seeking to protect their rights. The four lawyers at our firm all have extensive, invaluable experience in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

Whether you need help foreclosing on a secured loan, recovering personal property, collecting on an unsecured loan, protecting your rights in bankruptcy, enforcing a commercial real estate agreement, or asserting your interests in any other way, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

Providing A Wide Range Of Nevada Debt Collection Services

Our firm focuses on representing banks, small businesses, contractors, real estate developers and landlords in debt collection and creditors’ rights matters. No matter the creditor’s type of business, we will strive to collect the debt owed. Our services include the following:

  • Default servicing: We assist banks and other lenders throughout the process of obtaining and protecting real property that is in default. We handle the foreclosure process, post-foreclosure evictions, real estate owned (REO) issues and litigation.
  • Civil Litigation:  Our attorneys are experienced and skilled in turning your unpaid debt or uncollected account into an enforceable judgment through litigation in all of Nevada’s courts. Through that litigation we can often secure a negotiated resolution or if not, secure a judgment that we can enforce using our collection skills.
  • Collections: Our attorneys assist with all types of collections, from judgment collections to lien collections for contractors with unpaid contracts. You have the right to obtain a court order demanding that your debtor appear to respond to reasonable questions regarding the location of assets. This is commonly known as a “judgment debtors examination”. We can assist in obtaining the order for this examination and conducting the examination. We handle both secured and unsecured claims, and we can pursue your payment regardless of debtor collateral.
  • Creditors’ rights in bankruptcy: If your debtor files for bankruptcy, we strive to protect your creditors’ rights in bankruptcy proceedings. Our firm will develop a strategy to see that collections in bankruptcy go as smoothly and as quickly as possible.
  • Real estate: We represent commercial real estate owners, real estate developers and landlords in real estate matters and disputes. We draft lease agreements, draft and review sales contracts, and assist landlords in the eviction process.
  • Foreign judgments: If you obtained a judgment in another state and want to collect on that judgment from the debtor’s assets in Nevada, you will need to ask the Nevada courts to domesticate the judgment. We can help.
  • Local counsel/pro hac vice: We present flexible and efficient local counsel services in Nevada for clients and law firms in other states. We are experienced with the process of pro hac vice admissions for lawyers who are not licensed to practice in Nevada and can act as local counsel upon approval of the pro hac vice application.
  • Quiet Title: Many property owners find themselves in need of an attorney to handle a real estate quiet title action. Quiet title is often needed at the time of selling or refinancing property. It is at this time that as a result of a title search, old trust deeds, mortgages, liens, easements, ownership issues, etc. can be discovered that need to be removed from title through a court action. Without quieting title, clean title insurance may not be available. Hayes and Welsh is experienced in real estate quiet title actions. We can also work with owners and their title companies to address title issues that can sometimes be resolved without filing a lawsuit.

Our goal is to deliver positive, quick results like big firms, while working with clients personally to develop good relationships. To discuss your creditors’ rights case with one of our experienced, cost-effective attorneys, contact us today.