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Collecting Debt Owed To Your Business
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Lawyers Dedicated to Helping Creditors With Collections

Are you owed money by someone in Nevada? Did a judge issue a judgment? Are you wondering what to do next to collect the money owed to you?

At the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh, we assist all types of creditors with their debt collections. Our clients include those owed money in the Las Vegas area and throughout Nevada — primarily private lenders, banks, small businesses, contractors and landlords. Contact us to discuss your case.

A Judgment: A Judge’s Order to Help You Collect Debt

A judgment is a legally binding decision that a debtor must pay a creditor. Our firm helps creditors from Nevada and out of state with debt collections when the debtor is in the Las Vegas and Northern Nevada areas, including Reno and Lake Tahoe. We also help out-of-state creditors who have foreign judgments collect from Nevada debtors. Our attorneys are both experienced and skilled at handling judgment collection matters.

In the end, a judgment is only a piece of paper. We help creditors take the judgment decree from the court and turn it into actual payment.

Our firm helps contractors get judgments for lien collections on unpaid contracts. We can assist contractors in making sure proper procedures are followed in recording the lien to make it valid, as well as in obtaining a foreclosure on the lien and a judgment for payment.

You have the right to obtain a court order demanding that your debtor appear to respond to reasonable questions regarding the location of assets. This is commonly known as a “judgment debtors examination”. We can assist in obtaining the order for this examination and conducting the examination.

Handling Unsecured and Secured Claims in Bankruptcy Court

Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting creditors’ rights in bankruptcy proceedings. We help creditors and small businesses collect money from both secured and unsecured claims.

In secured claims, the debtor has collateral, such as the home on which a mortgage is made. Though it is harder to collect in unsecured claims cases because the debtor has no collateral, our skilled attorneys will pursue the collection of the debt through the bankruptcy proceedings.

Contact Our Collections Attorneys in Henderson

For assistance with debt collections and foreign judgments to collect debt in Nevada, contact our experienced creditor services attorneys at the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh. Since collections in these cases vary widely, we offer flexible and alternative billing in judgment collections. We can be reached by phone at 702-509-7310 or by e-mail.