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Post-Foreclosure Evictions

Helping Lenders Recover Their Investments

Once a loan on real property has gone into default, there are several stages lenders must go through before they can recover possession of their collateral through foreclosure. Full rights to the collateral are obtained only upon legal possession of the property.

At the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh, we represent lenders in post-foreclosure evictions in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. If you are looking for a lawyer with extensive local default servicing experience, contact us today.

Regaining Possession Of Foreclosed Properties

Once a foreclosure sale has occurred, you may have the title to the property in question, but there may still be people living there. Whether those people are the former owners, their tenants, or simple trespassers, you may need to get a court order to evict them.

Our attorneys represent banks and financial institutions throughout the process of obtaining eviction orders and recovering homes that have gone into foreclosure.

We understand how important it is for you to regain actual possession and occupancy of real estate owned (REO) properties on your balance sheet so you can conduct maintenance activities and prepare them for eventual resale.

Adjusting To Changes In Nevada And Federal Law

The number of post-foreclosure evictions has skyrocketed in recent years due to financial turmoil in the real estate markets. In response to these increasing numbers of foreclosures and evictions, some substantial amendments have been made to both Nevada and federal law.

Our attorneys are fully familiar with the latest legal developments, as well as the practical implications of the current economic situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss what we can do to guide you through the post-foreclosure eviction process.