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Real Estate

Experienced Las Vegas And Nevada Real Estate Lawyers

At the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh, we defend landlords and property owners, protecting their rights in real estate matters. We understand the concerns and interests of landlords.

If you need a strong lease agreement to protect your interests, or if you need help evicting a tenant, our real estate attorneys can protect your rights as a property owner. If you were not paid in a lease agreement or other contract, we can help you with the collections process to seek the money owed to you. Contact us to discuss what we can do to meet your needs.

Our Nevada Commercial Real Estate Practice

Our attorneys can help with almost any commercial real estate issue that Clark County and other Nevada commercial property owners may face. Our clients include real estate developers, apartment owners, and landlords.

The lawyers at our firm draft and review buy-sell agreements, leases and other contracts. We can handle real estate matters from beginning to end, including financing and escrow.

We draft lease agreements and help clients understand how to best protect their interests in drafting and negotiating leases. Our goal is to protect landlords’ rights and interests.

Skilled Help for Landlords In Evictions

Our firm assists landlords in disputes with tenants, primarily representing landlords in eviction matters. If you are a commercial landlord whose tenant is not paying rent, we can represent you in court appearances to evict the tenant over the failure to pay.

This area of law can be tricky, so it is best to talk to an experienced lawyer can help the eviction process go as smoothly as possible. We also represent lenders in post-foreclosure evictions.

Contact Our Real Estate Attorneys In Henderson

For representation in landlord-tenant disputes, or other real estate matters in Clark County and throughout Nevada, contact us at the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh. We can be reached by phone at 702-509-7310 or by e-mail.