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Foreign Judgments

Enforcing Your Rights In Nevada

Under the U.S. Constitution, each state is required to respect the judgments handed down by the courts of other states. However, the process of establishing the judgment in each state is not automatic. Creditors must domesticate their judgments in all states where they wish to enforce them.

At the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh, our experienced attorneys help creditors domesticate and enforce foreign sister-state judgments in Nevada state courts. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Taking The Necessary Steps To Collect On Debts

If you have obtained a judgment in a foreign jurisdiction, it must be domesticated by the Nevada courts before you can take any of the following debt collection and enforcement actions in Las Vegas or anywhere else in Nevada:

  • Wage garnishments
  • Bank account garnishments
  • Property levies
  • Sale of real property

Whether someone who owes you money has moved to Nevada, acquired or owns property in Nevada, or has taken any other action that necessitates domestication of a foreign judgment, we can help.

Once the judgment is domesticated, we have the experience and resources to counsel you on your options for taking collection action, including foreclosure, representing you directly, or working as local counsel in association with your corporate or general counsel and responding to objections to collection including claimed exemptions.

You have the right to obtain a court order demanding that your debtor appear to respond to reasonable questions regarding the location of assets. This is commonly known as a “judgment debtors examination”. We can assist in obtaining the order for this examination and conducting the examination.

Personal Service From Seasoned Attorneys

As lawyers with extensive experience in the local legal community, we are prepared to handle any complications that may arise during the domestication process. As a small firm, we are able to provide each client with personal attention from an experienced attorney.

We have a long background helping out-of-state clients domesticate foreign judgments in Nevada and have gained a national reputation in this area. Contact us to discuss your case.