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Foreclosure Services

Assisting With The Foreclosure Process

As foreclosure on real property has become an increasingly common necessity for lenders seeking to protect their investments in these challenging times. Our attorneys at the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh can provide quality foreclosure and post-foreclosure services.

Serving clients with respect to properties in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada, we use our extensive experience in the region to assist clients with the foreclosure process. To discuss your case with an experienced default servicing lawyer, contact us today.

Helping Lenders Deal With Complications

Our firm provides a variety of services to Nevada and out-of-state lenders seeking to foreclose on real property in Nevada. When a property goes into foreclosure, numerous complications can arise, including the following:

  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Liens on the property
  • Problems with title to the property
  • Litigation to stop or delay foreclosure proceedings

Our attorneys are experienced at resolving these issues on behalf of our lender clients. We are familiar with the latest developments in the law governing foreclosures in Nevada, as well the tactics that debtors in default and their lawyers have been using to frustrate foreclosure efforts.

Once the foreclosure process has been completed, we are fully prepared to assist clients with post-foreclosure evictions and real estate owned (REO) properties.

Adjusting To Current Real Estate Market Conditions

Foreclosure rates have risen drastically in recent years due to changes in the market for real property, and Nevada is one of the epicenters nationally for this activity.

We understand lenders’ priorities when it comes to dealing with mortgage loans that have gone into default during a time of high foreclosure rates. You can rely on our attorneys to work closely with you to pursue your goals. Contact us to discuss our foreclosure services.